Advantages and Disadvantages of Diamond Drill Bit,Adapted Condition

- May 25, 2017-

1)According to the application,Diamond Drill Bit can be divided into Geological mine bit and Engineering geological bit.Geological mine drill bit is divided intonon coring drill bit(Comprehensive drilling, Orientation, Reaming,hole grinding) and coring drill bit(Single-tube,Double tube,wire-line coring drill bit,bottom-spray, Impact). Engineering geological drill bit is divided into large diameter drill bits, thin-wall drill bits, grinding hole drill bits.

PDC Core drill bit 01.jpg

2)According to Diamond abrasive,Diamond drill types can be divided into natural diamond drill bit and synthetic diamond drill bit.Natural diamond drill bit:Surface-set diamond bit,impregnate drill bit(Labial surface shape:Flat,Arc, concentric circle, ladder,sawtooth etc).Synthetic diamond bit: single crystal bit (impregnated), polycrystalline bit.

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3)The selection principle of the diamond bit.Soft to medium hard and fully homogeneous rock formations choose Natural skin impregnated drill bits,compact bit,and Polycrystalline bit.Hard to dense medium-hard rock formations choose impregnated diamond bit,fine grain Surface-set diamond bit.Broken, hard and soft layer choose high wear resistance impregnated bit,sharp teeth type Broad-spectrum bit.

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4)The characteristics of the diamond bit.Diamond bit for drilling of various hardness weak - strong abrasive rock.Impregnated: broad spectrum bit, wide range of speed adjustment, adapt to the rocks widely,long service life,easy to operate; Applicable to medium hard - hard ,weak-strong abrasive formation.Especially drilling in the broken,hard and soft layer,is not easy to damage.Drilling speed is generally 0.5m / h-3m / h. Surface-set diamond bit:High drilling speed (1m / h-5m / h),long service life,high price,Suitable for medium hard - hard and complete with all kinds of abrasive integrity formation.

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