Diamond compact bit efficiency increase more than 50% on average

- Jul 20, 2017-

Diamond Compact is a kind of special superhard materials synthesized by synthetic diamond and cemented carbide under the high temperature and high pressure. It not only has the diamond advantage of high intensity and wear-resisting but has the cemented carbide advantage of strong impact resistance and large blade etc. Using it as the blade can greatly improve the efficiency of the drill bit,Is an ideal drill bit for drilling in medium hard and hard formation.

 pdc 3wing concave drill bit 666.jpg

Diamond Compact Bit ,also called PDC Bit,Compared with other drill bit, Its advantage is :

1,Efficient,Simple and Durable

2,With very long-service life,It is 10-30 times of the carbide bit under the same working condition.

3,PDC drill bit can improve the efficiency,and reduce the times of lift drill significantly.Time and efficiency increase more than 50% on average.PDC drill bitcan be applied into widely rock formation,In f = 1-12 rock drilling performance is also excellent.


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