Do you know how does PDC 2Wing Anchor Shank Drill Bit work?

- May 16, 2017-

PDC 2wing Anchore Shank Drill Bit are mainly used to drill the roof and side supporting hole, the gas drainage, water infusion, geological exploration hole and grouting hole and so on for the coal mine seam, water conservancy and hydro-power, dam and roadway construction of bolt-mesh support. The life of these bits is 10-30 times of alloy bits.

Coal Mining Roof Bit drill efficiency could be improved efficiently in hard terrane (sadstone).The PDC disks are wearable and of high impact resistance,do not need to repair anymore and made the bit's service life extended.

The bit makes less shrinking and high success ratio hole,save the test drill pipe,improve the efficiency of construction as well as reduce the miners' labour intensity.  PDC anchor shank drill bit wildly applied in all kind of terrane can be applied in the terrane of f<12.

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