Do you know how to avoid the coal mine gas exploration?

- May 12, 2017-

Coalbed Methane is also called “mashgas”,It’s main component is CH4(methane),Which is an unconventional natural gas,accompanying the coal,Stored in the adsorption state in coal seam,it’s Calorific value is general coal 2-5 times,Main composition is methane.1 cubic meters of pure coal-bed gas calorific value is equivalent to 1.13 kg of gasoline, 1.21 kg of standard coal,it’s Calorific value is equivalent to natural gas,can be mixture with natural gas.And is very clean after burning,almost don’t produce any wast gas,which is the best fuel in industry,chemical industry,power generation and Residents live.


When Coalbed Methane air concentration comes to 5%-16%,will be exploded with naked light,This is the root cause of coal mine gas explosion.Coalbed methane direct emissions into the atmosphere, the greenhouse effect is about 21 times of carbon dioxide, destructive to the ecological environment.If firstly mining Coalbed Methane before coal mining,coal mine gas explosion rate will be reduced 70%-85%.The effect of the development and utilization of coalbed methane is fully staffed:Improve the prevention level of gas accident,with safety effect;Effectively to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, have a good environmental protection effect;As a kind of high efficient, clean energy, commercialize can produce huge economic benefits.

Coalbed methane (CBM) gas drilling create a lot of new opportunities and challenges for natural gas exploration and production companies around the world .Many projects involved in the application of horizontal directional drilling to explore rich CBM resources.

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