Do you know the application of Mining Cutter Picks?

- May 27, 2017-

It doesn’t matter if your mining job takes you underground or keeps you on the surface.

What matters is how much material you produce and move, how quickly you do it, and how much it costs you each shift.

If you’re not moving enough material, working as efficiently as you need to, and saving (and making) money in the process,then it’s time for better tooling. 

Round Shank cutter bits are using for Foundation Drilling,they are using for all kinds of rotary Piling Machines and Drill rigs.

coal cutting pick.jpg

1.No spark produces when the cladding layer impacting on the rock, much safer when working in high gas coals mine.

2.The cladding layer enhances the wear resistance of cutter body, and prevents the alloy head from falling off.

3.The cutter body adopts one-step forming process of 42CrMo Material precision cold forging, improving the comprehensive mechanical strength.

4.It is designed with discharge launder at the bottom of the big end, to strengthen the rotation ,effectively avoiding eccentric wear caused by clamping.

conical picks.png

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