Do you know why Diamond Compact PDC Sintered Carcass replace traditional hard alloy drill bit?

- May 24, 2017-

Diamond compact PDC sintered carcass is a synthetic integrity product made of synthetic diamond polycrystalline layer and cemented carbide substrate which under the condition of high temperature and high pressure.

The PDC bit made of diamond compact PDC sintered carcass as cutting teeth has both the characteristics of high wear resistance of diamond drill bitsand the advantages of strong resistance of Carbide drill bits,which is a new longevity, efficient, economic drill bit replace traditional hard alloy drill bit,Can be widely used in coal mine underground geological exploration, gas drainage, drainage water, anchor and other drilling,As well as various types of ground drilling soft-hard rock drilling.


PDC drill bit has the following salient features:

1,PDC sintered carcass drill bit cutting teeth adopt  with a new type of superhard material diamond compact,high wear    resistance, strong impact toughness.


2,The structure and parameters of the PDC sintered carcass bit are based on the experimental and  designed with computer optimization.


3,PDC sintered carcass bit product quality is stable and excellent: high drilling efficiency, long service life,  strong drill bit diameter.

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