How to select a pdc drill bit?

- Aug 22, 2017-

The structure of special PDC drill bit depends mainly on the characteristics of rock layer to be drilled today, therefore, it is vital to study the type of the rock stratum to be drilled with the log information of the adjacent wells. Mechanical and physical properties of the stratum (compressive strength, abrasive property and pore pressure) are the main factors influencing the choice of drill bit. The software developed recently can predict the rock strength and evaluate the performance of PDC drill bit, and can help choose the drill bit. The impact of drilling parameters and hydraulic conditions on the drill bit structure are in process of study now, in order to adjust the structure of the drill bit.

PDC drill bit selection also depends upon the type of oil well to be drilled, such as directional well, slim hole, horizontal wells and so on.

pdc drill bit.jpg

PDC Scraper drill bit 01.jpg


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