No-spark wear-resisting cutting picks

- Jul 21, 2017-

Cutting picks is an important cutting part during the coalcutter and roadheader working underground coal mine.Due to the direct abrasion by coal seam and rock,most of them service life is shorter,lead to change thecutting picks constantly,not only increased the production cost but influenced the coal normal production.Since the introduction of mechanized coal mining equipment in China,many domestic coal mining equipment manufacturers began producing cutting picks.But because of the late start,cutting picks quality between the domestic and imports have a great gap.In order not to affect the coal output,many of the coal mine still adopts imported cutting picks. Not only that,at home and abroad,there has not been an effective way to eliminate the spark produced by friction of cutting picks,For coal mine production safety there is a potential threat.In order to improve domestic cutting picks quality,a systematic study was carried out to find out a new method of cutting picks production conform to the material present situation in China,And on the basis of bold innovation,solves the spark problem produced by cutting picks.

coal cutting pick.jpg

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