Stability and Basic Structure of PDC drill bit

- Aug 23, 2017-


Stability of PDC drill bit is extremely important for drilling efficiency factor. The drill bit with good stability can increase drilling speed, extend drill bit service life, improve the quality of the borehole, and can reduce the damage to down hole equipment. Vortex resistance and anti-friction gage block and other technologies make PDC drill bit more stable.

Basic structure: 

PDC drill bit structure depends on many factors, such as: drilling capacity (drilling rate), water horsepower, orienting ability, abrasion resistance and so on. The acting structures of the drill bit on the stratum are divided into three parts: cutting structure, active gauge protection and passive gauge protection. Drilling capacity of PDC drill bit is undoubtedly the most important factors to influence the drilling costs.  The feature of PDC drill bit cutting teeth, back rake angle, cutting teeth arrangement, the quantity and sizes of the cutting teeth are the main parameters affecting the drilling capacity. Typically, decreasing the back rake angle of the cutting teeth can improve drilling speed, however, the impact resistance of the cutting teeth decreases. The number and size of the cutting teeth shall be selected according to the stratum to be drilled and the drilling conditions.

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