Three Types of Diamond Compact Bit

- Jul 04, 2017-

Diamond compact bit is an integrated drill bit, Through the way of high-frequency welding ,Welded the PDC(which is made of high temperature and high pressure )onto the steel body and carcass.Our domestic common diamond composite drill bit types are: Coalfield diamond composite bit,geological exploration diamond composite bit and oil drilling diamond composite drill bit.

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1,Coalfield diamond composite bit

The PDC of this drill bit quality is the worst,because the general hot-pressed diamond composite or ordinary diamond composite can meet the footage in the coal field drilling.


2,geological exploration diamond composite bit


In domestic,this kind of drill bit with the largest demand and consumption.Due to the complexity of the geological exploration,domestic coming into different kinds of diamond compact,But most commonly used and most practical only flat diamond compact and spherical diamond compact,


3,oil drilling diamond composite drill bit.

This kind of diamond compact bit production process is complicated, mainly used in domestic oil and gas, with small consumption,also its price is the most outstanding in the drill bit.And the size is in a tremendous difference, the most expensive drill bit can reach several ten thousand dollars.

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