What's the difference between matrix body and steel body pdc drill bits?

- Jul 31, 2017-

PDC drill bits, or fixed cutters, come in either matrix or steel body. One might ask, "What's the difference?" and "Which one do I need?"

Matrix body fixed cutters are made from tungsten carbide material. This provides improved wear resistance and erosion.Additionally, they are typically more heavy set as far as cutter count.

In applications of high fluid volume or high sand, matrix body bits offer longer life and multiple bit runs.

153 3wing concave drill bit 08.jpg

Steel body fixed cutters are made from a high alloy steel. These bits can sometimes be repaired and may be good for multiple runs, depending on the application.

Because steel is better able to withstand high impact, steel body bits are often designed with higher blade stand-off and cutter exposure, thus increasing ROP.

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