Technology And Custom Products

- Sep 01, 2010-

Since the first PDC cutters were introduced in the 1970s, tremendous technological advances have been made. The earliest PDC technique is used in oil drilling, until 1997, the first PDC mining bit(that’s small one) was produced.The success of this bit led to the founding of the Zuanlong drilling machine company. These small diameter PDC bits are popular in the country which rich in coal resources .

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PDC bit’s penetration rates are much faster than that of other types of bit, which reduces your overall drilling time and operating costs. They also work in a wide array of formations, both hard and soft, and they are very effective in oil based muds. A major factor in drill bit selection is the type of formation to be drilled. The effectiveness of a drill bit varies by formation type. There are three types of formations: A soft formation includes unconsolidated sands, clays, soft limestones, red beds and shale. Medium formations include calcites, dolomites, limestones, and hard shale. Hard formations include hard shale, calcites, mudstones, cherty lime stones and hard and abrasive formations.

After more than 15 years of development, the company can provide the size from 25mm to 450mm(from 1 inch to 17-1/2inch) PDC and natural diamond drilling bits, core bits for coal mining and oil field. We also can do as your requirement or according to your drawing for special application. As the manufacturer we have the capacity to alter our designs to your needs or come up with completely new solutions. We have worked with many of our customers throughout the years to develop custom drill bits to meet their specific needs for the projects and drilling methods. 

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Our technical team is composed of experienced experts who are long engaged in the research and development of super hard materials and drilling field and also aggressive technicians. The products has an excellent performance with stable and reliable quality, they has obtained multiple inventive patents and utility model patents.

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Our goal while working with our customers to develop a custom tooling solution is to save you money by matching your drilling tool to your drilling conditions. This often results in our customers saving significant amounts of time and money they would have spent using tools that we are exactly matched to their drilling needs. If you’re interested in developing a custom drilling tools solution, please contact us, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have, free of charge.